Point Of Service

POINT OF SERVICE has specifically been designed for the electronics service industry, catering for workshop jobs and field calls. Provides for cash or charge jobs, agency jobs and warranty work with automatic website upload of bulk warranty claims and parts orders. However, it is equally suitable for all other types of services from motor vehicles to ship engines, because everything can be customised. And there is no limit to the amount of parts any service job can hold.

Technician's time on jobs are tracked and reports are readily available on their productivity for any period.

Full asset tracking and asset ownership cost reporting showing depreciation and operational cost, and revenue, in respect of each service van.

Field calls include an automatic advance booking system, allowing you to book calls for any date and time range, slotting them into existing calls for that day. This feature can also book specific service vans allocated to certain areas, based on postcode. All calls for that service van are shown for that day and you can easily re-assign jobs to any other service van.

Run-sheets are automatically generated, as well as the individual paperwork for each job, ready for entering time spent and parts used with a copy for the customer.

Advance book-in are provided, for both telephone and internet book-ins. The job is created at time of book-in and credit card transactions may be made at this point, and enquiries can be made for jobs of which the goods are pending arrival, or are ready for return.

There is no extra charge for essentials such as IRIS Codes for manufacturers, and ISIS Codes for Sony. They are included in the package and may be modified or added to as required.

Other essentials such as postcodes and street references are self-building, making it suitable for all locations in the world.

The Point Of Sale module is included, there is no extra charge for that.

Technician's Access
Technicians have been provided with a special screen, that is used in the workshop area. In fact a terminal may be restricted to show only jobs assigned to individual technicians. A technician enters his code and views a list of jobs assigned to him, and selects the first one. As he progresses, he updates that job (including parts ordered etc), and this information is available immediately to any other terminal, making progress enquiries easy. All events throughout the repair process are entered into the memo area, which is displayed by clicking a single button or function key.

You can assign links to external programs such as a Pattern generator, Sweep Generator, Manufacturer's Service Parts Database (in addition to the local database), Manufacturer's Service Manuals on CD (bypasses the browser and displays the diagrams immediately), and a Service Faults Library (such as that supplied by EFIL).

Service vans
Stock is allocated to individual service vans that operate from a particular branch, independent from other branches. All stock is accounted for.

The Control Room
The Control Room feature controls which vans go to what jobs, and jobs can be re-assigned between vans or re-scheduled to other days and time range. When the technician calls in, the operator can instantly assign the starting time, finish time or time spent, call fee, service charge and individual parts or total parts only.

Any other person enquiring on that job can instantly see the up-to-the-minute status. For instance, if the husband calls in he might be told that the technician has just finished the job at his home and how his wife has paid the bill.

Easy, fast job book-in
Book in single jobs or many jobs for the same customer. Where more than one job is booked in for the same customer, the customer details are automatically copied and links are created for each job. Options include Workshop (customer brought appliance in), Field (service in home at pre-arranged date/time range), Advance phone book-in and Advance Internet book-in (appliance to be posted by customer).

Customer display & search
Find customer by Job Number, Name, Suburb, Telephone or any other search data.

You can set up the system so that Customer Name entries only display the jobs booked in at the local branch, yet entering a Customer Number displays the job regardless of which branch it is assigned to. This allows accepting payments at any branch from any customer.

Technician assignment
Each job may be assigned to a particular technician, either by the workshop manager or automatically based on product type.

Technician timesheet
Time sheet are automatically maintained for technicians, with periodical reporting showing individual performance.

Parts ordering
Parts are automatically ordered when they fall below the re-order trigger. On receiving ordered parts, they are allocated to their respective shelf locations and jobs are notified.

Invoice reconciliation
Before you file or pay an invoice for parts received (either for stock, cash-jobs or warranty jobs) you can create a list of parts that were received during any selected date range, showing the Job Number to which each part was assigned as well as any moneys owing on the Job. In addition, the total value in respect of each invoice is summarized.

In this way you know if all parts on that invoice have actually been received and have been applied to a job, or is actually in stock, and also whether you have been paid for the job, or if the manufacturer has paid your claim.

For more details, refer Accounts Payable, Invoice Reconcilliation.

Automatic customer progress notification
You are prompted to notify customers when due. The date intervals are set at time of book-in.

Job records
Previous jobs for the same appliance are shown, and clicking on this will show all faults reported, work done and parts entered for each such job.

Function keys
Functions are may be assigned according to requirements. Any program function may be assigned to any function key, with the system default functions remaining accessable using ALT+ F1-F10. The function keys F11 and F12 are always used for Terminal Messaging and 'Done' respectively.

Printing forms
All forms are fully customisable, both text and data items. You can select what is printed and where it is printed on the book-in forms, Service bills and all other forms. You can use your existing stationary or special stationary from us.

All moneys received are placed in the cash-journal, from which the banking summaries are prepared. When it's time for banking, all processes are done fully automatically.

GST or other taxes
Goods and Services Tax is automatically processed using user-defined preset percentages, which may differ for each type of product or service. Complying with Australian and European standards, percentages may have two decimal points, like 17.50%. The program comes supplied to prepare an Australian Business Activity Statement, available any time you want it, for any period required. This may be modified to suit other requirements in various countries.

Bulk invoicing
Warranty debtors and Agencies may be invoiced periodically for all jobs done for that period. When receiving payment, a single entry updates the invoice and all associated jobs.

Bulk warranty claims upload
Warranty Claims may be uploaded in bulk to the warranty debtor's website. Available for Sony, Panasonic, Akai, Mitsubishi and others.

Specially designed for Cash Jobs, Warranty Jobs and Agency Jobs. For Warranty and Agency Jobs, Jobs may be periodically billed and a Summary Tax Invoice created, showing all jobs completed or delivered. When you receive payment on such an invoice, a single payment entry updates all the jobs on that invoice, with the option for adjustments in respect of rejected or partly paid warranty claims.

Jobs tracking and enquiries
An extensive range of enquiry options has been provided, such as listing all jobs overdue for commencement, jobs in progress, jobs ready for collection, jobs overdue for collection, and many more. In addition, there are two methods of job tracking, a user-defined method and system-assigned method. Both methods provide for an exact status of the job.

Faults and Symptoms selections
You may select from predefined faults and symptom definitions, and you can add to the stored list on the fly.

Jobs reporting
Start-of-day and end-of-day reporting may be executed automatically with predefined contents.

Customer Progress Advice listings
The system is programmed to initiate automatic Customer Progress Advice at periodic intervals. A clerk may have as part of his/her duties to call those customers which are due for a progress advice, then marks the jobs from the list simply by pressing the space bar. The job is updated to be reminded again after the next specified period. This maintains good relations with your customers. The display itself also shows when the next progress report is due. The system may also be set up to dial out to those customers with a recorded message, and may accept a response from your customer.

Website Bulk Warranty Claims Upload
Warranty claims may be uploaded in bulk periodically, saving you a significant amount of time compared to manual website entry, and also providing for prompt payment of claims. Proper IRIS codes are checked and enforced prior to uploading, eliminating rejected claims.

Assign Images to Service Jobs
You may assign scanned images (such as Purchase Invoices for warranty purposes) to a Service Job at book-in time, which may be viewed at any time from any terminal. It eliminates the need to ask your customer for the purchase invoice when the appliance is booked in for subsequent service.

Automatic Website Upload of Job Status file
You can set up automatic upload of the job status file to your website, at regular intervals (say hourly), which provides a dialog for your customers to view their job progress status at any time. This is a fully automated process.

Financial reporting
Sophisticated graphs are at your fingertips that display the performance of your organisaton for any date range.

SQL statements
You can write your own SQL queries and store them by name, which may subsequently be run by your staff at any time. For instance you can create complex reports such as details of parts purchased for a particular brand and model for a particular date range.

System assigned enquires
  • Advance book-ins - awaiting arrival
  • Advance book-ins - ready for return
  • Estimates done, for costing
  • Estimates costed, for notification
  • Estimates notified, awaiting decision
  • Estimates accepted, for completion
  • Estimates declined, for re-assembly
  • Estimates declined, re-assembled
  • Jobs in Special Status bin
  • Jobs due for progress advice
  • Jobs for commencement
  • Jobs overdue for commencement
  • Jobs in progress
  • Jobs parts price/available requested
  • Jobs awaiting parts
  • Jobs for which parts arrived
  • Jobs ready for costing
  • Jobs ready for notification
  • Jobs notified ready
  • All jobs completed

User-defined enquiries
  • User-defined progress status, independent from system-status (1-20)
What happened to that customer?
By default, the system can print user-defined letters or flyers to all customers who haven't brought in something for repair or booked a service call for the past twelve months or other user-defined period.

Targeted mailing lists
You can target all or selected types of service jobs for mail-out of a letter or any promotional materials.

Fully supports branch networking, with technicians and jobs assigned to a specific branch not available to other branches for the purpose of assigning them to jobs.

You can use the branch networking features with cable, dial-up or internet access using either local or wide area networks. Reporting may be done for individual branches or for all branches together.

Local Area Networking
Usually made up of a Server and directly linked Client Terminals in the same building (Version 2002.xxx).

Wide Area Networking
Larger organisations should use this method of branch networking, with synchronised database servers (Version 2003.xxx). Designed to run on MS SQL Server 2000.


Job book-in
Your customers can book in a job from your website, which will be created into a job when used in conjunction with Point Of Service and marked with a status code "Awaiting Arrival". On arrival, one click will mark the job as arrived and the customer will be sent an email confirming its arrival and the job number. With this job number the status of the job may be tracked.

Click here for Job Book-in

Job progress status
Let your customers view the progress of their job on your website, and if awaiting approval of an estimate advise you to proceed with the job. In this way your service centre is open 24 hours per day!

The status file can be uploaded automatically to your website at various preset times each day, or on change of any job status. To try this demo, enter Job Number 000000, Telephone Number 0000000000 (without spaces or hyphens).

Click here for Job Progress demo

Accepts different stock types, or Account Payments. Unlimited number of stock items and accessories and the one invoice. Stock search function. Accepts Cash, Cheque, EFTPOS (Electronics Funds Transfer Point Of Sale), MOTO (Mail Order and Telephone Order), Credit and Promo transactions. Create invoice from an existing account or cash sale with or without customer details. Credit control on unpaid invoices. Accepts partial paid invoices (deposit paid prior to delivery) with subsequent payment entry. Periodical promotional mail-out to selected customers.

POS Menu (select stock type), NoSale (Opens cash drawer - records operator ID with date/time/branch), Petty Cash (View and record petty cash transactions), PLU (Price Look Up), Sessions (List banking dates/times with totals and break-up), Bank (Bank funds - prints lodgement summaries), Print (Print current listbox contents), Close (Return to Main Menu).

Create new stock lines or add quantity to existing stock lines, View Customer Accounts, Reports (Displays graphics of sales of selected periods)

Point Of Service contains a facility that allows fully automatic importing of other sofware packages for this industry, including BEST. Simply enter the pathname to the database and click 'Execute'. Imports all customer and job details, as well as the service parts inventory and service parts on order. You keep the same Job Numbers.

The following features are optional in version 2002:
    Automatically downloads new Jobs booked in from your website and creates Service Jobs or Bookings. Customers receive their Job or Booking Number by email together with any information on the product booked in. In addition, your customers are automatically emailed when the item booked in has been received, when completed and again when shipped to your customer.

    Automatically updates the Job Progress and Accounts status to your website. Every status change is updated including parts ordered etc. Your customers simply log on and type in their Job or Account Number, and for security their telephone number (or any other type of ID determined).

    Automatically uploads your warranty claims using a text file, in a user-definable format depending on your warranty debtor.

    Automatically uploads your purchase orders using a text file, in a user-definable format depending on your supplier.

    Over any period of time for any asset or group of assets, show figures and graphs on the depreciation cost, service expenses and income earned in respect of that asset or asset group. Ideal for tracking the real cost of your service vehicles, rental stock or any major asset.

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