A sophisticated yet simple to use software package, providing you with everything from front counter to back office with total management control and reporting.

The software consists of four primary modules:

Point Of Hire
Point Of Service
Point Of Sale
Point Of Reception

Each may be used individually or together, with any or all modules on each work station.

It incorporates all banking requirements and complete GST management from start to finish.

Built-in General Ledger and other financial reporting, or create output files for export to MYOB etc.

Single user or local and wide area networking, with each work station having fully customisable menu options, to include only the functions relevant to that workstation.
Point Of Hire has specifically been designed for the domestic and commercial hire industry. It can easely be customised for any industry including machinery, tools, garden equipment, industrial items, party hire, car rental, real estate, etc.

Includes an advance booking system for packages or single items with availability check.

Accepts an unlimited number of items or package components, for example components forming a computer or entertainment system, and plates, knifes, spoons etc. for party hire packages.

Defines any billing cycle for individual accounts such as hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and annually, or any blocks thereof.

Asset tracking lists the history of each asset from date of purchase and supplier to account locations.

Cost of ownership facilities tracks all revenue and outgoings in respect of each asset, and maintenance and depreciation cost is graphed over any time period.

For details, click on "Point Of Hire" in the left margin.
Point Of Service has specifically been designed for the electronics service industry, catering for workshop jobs and field calls. Provides for cash or charge jobs, agency jobs and warranty work with automatic website upload of bulk warranty claims and parts orders. However, it is equally suitable for all other types of services from motor vehicles to ship engines, because everything can be customised. And there is no limit to the amount of parts any service job can hold.

For details, click on "Point Of Service" in the left margin.
Point of Sale forms an integral part of the software, or may be used as a stand-alone system. You may setup a specific terminal (like on the front counter) to start-up in POS Terminal mode with access to all other functions, or exclusively for POS Terminal only.

It has automatic cash-drawer opening facility using either a COM or LPT port, with user-defined codes as required by your cash-drawer. Takings are placed in the Cash Journal and assigned to the local branch. Banking is prepared individually for each branch. When reporting, you may create a report for individual branches or all branches and head-office combined.

For details, click on "Point Of Service" in the left margin.
Point Of Reception ensures your receptionist and all staff will know where you are at any time, as well as your availability status (meeting, lunch, busy, etc.) with an optional message. No more waiting for extensions to answer! A single function key sets your status. Replaces the conventional In/Out board. Includes interterminal messaging.

Each staff member or employee of your company may be included in the staff list, or excluded. Status messages are user-definable and specific messages may be left for others to read.

This feature is an integral part of the software and does not require additional licensing. It is activated by pressing F12 on the Main Menu on any workstation.

For details, click on "Point Of Reception" in the left margin.
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